International Buy Nothing Day

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ParadeRidersBlack Friday Sales, starting at 4am.  Run to the store and pick up something at 1/2 price for everyone on your list?  Paula Poundstone first pointed to the idea that stores are loud, visually overwhelming fragrance filled establishments. Forgive my paraphrase; she wonders if killing 3 major senses makes folks more likely to buy. 

Getting a reduced price on something on the Friday after Thanksgiving? What I spend my time doing becomes my life.  The last few weeks I've been acutely aware of the amount of time I spend purchasing. 

I've asked myself this: Would being a loyal customer pass the rocking chair test? (you know the one, imagine I'm on my rocking chair at age 90 would the activity I'm doing bring me joy when I remember it?)  If I wasn't buying would all those grovey folks in hawaiian shirts at Trader Joes or trendy, brilliant, gentle geeks at the Apple store still feel like I was one of their kind? Maybe, and would hanging out with my son, husband, friends, writing blogs for Green Guru Network, or learning to play guitar be a better use of my time?

The folks at International Buy Nothing Day  believe there are bigger motivations that 80 percent off.  They are on the same track with folks at Take Back Your Time Day and Center for the New American Dream.   

Think of all the things we won't have to recycle, how much we will save in energy, time, money, toxic waste by avoiding purchasing for just one day.  If that's not emough to keep you out of a store tomorrow, imagine also how much better you will feel missing the Musak version of U2 and AC/DC 's classic collections.