where is gas in new york sandy

house_300Was it cold enogh for you at home last night? Do you have enough gas to get to Newburgh? (about 100 miles from Hastings on Hudson and there are fully functioning gas stations there.) Laboring without electricity, local stores and fuel wears in you after a while. Consider this moment as an opportunity to take a short unplanned vacation. 

Right now in the Catskills it's the slow season, there are world class restaurants, hiking, music, shopping, scenery, electricity, gas, cozy bed and breakfasts, hotels and vacation homes for rent at the low season rates. Let your host know you are escaping Sandy and they may give you additional discounts. 

Check out Airbnb, VRBOand Flip Key for listings of potential homes in the area that are set up for guests. Some hosts are offering deep discounts to folks who need shelter after Sandy. Even if a listing seems too expensive, send the owner a note asking for what you need!

If you are vollunteering Great! It's a good time to be of service. If not know the main roads are open and it's easy to get away from your cold, dark home. (Which will be there when you get back.) You can also help others by not being a draw on local food and gas supplies. 

Before you go turn off all you appliances. Consider unplugging everything or throwing the main breaker if you are not sure that you can get them all off. Make your reservation and get in the car and go. 

Be sure to get backin time to vote or arrange for an absentee ballot.

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