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Hudson Valley Smart Growth Alliance
On behalf of:
The Rural Ulster Preservation Company's (RUPCO)
Green Jobs-Green NY Outreach Program

Check out the new On-Bill Loan Recovery Program

New Program Allows Homeowners to Pay for Home Energy Efficiency Loans
on Utility  Bills!

Homeowners can now pay for home energy improvement projects with their
savings directly on utility bills:

Available since January 30, 2012, the new On-Bill Loan Recovery Program enables homeowners to finance energy  efficiency upgrades with low interest payments conveniently built into  their existing utility bill, with no up-front costs.

By offsetting the  monthly loan payments with monthly savings, it's a program that pays for  itself.

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How On-Bill Works:

*  Qualified homeowners first receive a free or low cost comprehensive home energy assessment through the  Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program to  identify opportunities for cost-effective energy-efficiency improvements.

*  Eligible home energy upgrades typically include  insulation and air sealing, energy-efficient furnaces, boilers, water  heaters, air
conditioners, lighting fixtures and appliances. The  homeowner then chooses a contractor accredited by the Building  Performance Institute to make the improvements.

*  Once the work is  completed, the state-managed private loan fund will then pay the  contractor promptly.  The homeowner will pay back the loan as a line item on his or her gas or electric bill.

* An  On-Bill Recovery Loan is also transferable to a new owner if the owner  and the buyer agree. If this were not the case, the owner would have to  pay off the  loan before selling the house.  New York is the first state  to pass this financing mechanism as part of a
comprehensive, statewide  policy to promote energy efficiency.

The  low-interest loans are part of the state's new Green Jobs-Green NY program, administered by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)

Contact RUPCO:
289 Fair Street
Kingston, NY 12401
845-331-2140 ext. 260
[email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]

The Hudson Valley Smart Growth Alliance is a regional partnership of diverse interests including environmental, land conservation, and economic development organizations, builders, realtors, tourism officials, and planning agencies who have come together to build consensus on smart growth principles and promote local and regional solutions to sprawl.

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