new york oyster week
New York Oyster Week will work to build awareness and raise funds for non-profit organizations working to protect and restore habitats where oysters thrive. These organization represent efforts that create cleaner water and provide habitat for hundreds of other species in New York Harbor, the Hudson River Estuary, Long Island Sound and beyond.  Find out more about their BeneFISHiaries The Hudson River Foundation, Project Serv, and Plant A Fish. 

CHEFS & RESTAURANTEURS: Many of New York City’s finest and most relevant seafood restaurants are participating in New York Oyster Week. Each will offer an themed menu items, happy hour special or unique pairing. This community of chefs and participating restaurants will provide an exciting and accessible opportunity for both adventurous foodies and bivalve curious diners to enjoy oysters in a variety of preparations. For consumers, this will be a unique way to explore the original oyster offerings of the city’s restaurants.

This program creates a greater sense of community among New York’s oyster friendly diners and restaurants. It is a great way for restaurants to showcase their oyster program, promote their distinctive food style and engage premium diners. It will also contribute to accomplishing our mission of increased awareness of, and interest in, oyster consumption.

CONSUMERS: This is a great way for the oyster lover to “eat out of the box” and try oysters in a way that, perhaps, you’ve never imagined. And for those who are not as keen on oysters as others, maybe this is a way to enjoy them for the first time, or in a way appeals to you more than they ever have before. They are a “perfect food” from a nutritional standpoint. 
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