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goatsThe Town of Hempsted has a great new crew of goats for mowing in their parks. Other groups like Google,  have been doing this for a while yet this is the first municipal government in New York that I have heard giving this a try. 

Check out their video:

This photo by Danielito


mowlessYou would have to drive 1000 miles in a late model car to create as much air pollution as your lawn mower produces in just half an hour’s running time.   Imagine pushing your Honda (with the engine running) to see the Rolling Stones exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, in Cleveland Ohio and back.    Since you would be pushing your car you’d be breathing in all those fumes as you go.   You would still come out creating slightly less pollution that you would than mowing your average suburban lawn!

 Your time is a very valuable commodity a “scarce world resource” in fact.   Perhaps you could pursue your favorite hobby during the time you are not mowing the lawn (there is no significant negative environmental impact for learning to belly dance or stamp collecting or listening to the Yankees on the radio)    For every inch you let your lawn grow it repays the favor by producing more oxygen for you to breath.   Realocate your resources take it to the movies instead of the gas station.

 Want to eliminate fumes altogether?   There are wonderful cordless electric mowers now available.   They are reasonably priced and work great on average sized lawns.   They are quiet, smog free, and light.   You can plug them into the wall socket at night or companies like Real Goods carry solar panels that will charge your mower with the power of the sun. Electric mowers are not for the realy tough over grown lawn.  It's a choice mow less or mow electric.

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