leed platinum
CWBrownCharlie and Renee Brown and their incredible staff retrofitted a typical light industrial building in the heart of Armonk to LEED Platinum standards. Everything from no VOC paint and green flooring, recycled wood wall treatments and recycled countertops, to solar panels and daylight harvesting make this space an efficient and beautiful work of art. This extraordinary space is now their headquarters. Interested is how it's done?  Want to know about the ROI and find out for yourself how a space like this feels?  They are open to tours and teaching events.    Contact F Paul Fuhr from Green Guru Network's Community section for more information. Check out their new Green C. W. Brown website. How to fund it?  Check out their video.

dreamstimefree_2421365-1-2C. W. Brown's new headquarters in Armonk, NY sports a 60,000 Kw PV solar array.  How many Kw did it generate today?  This week? To see the measurable results check out their on line system status and summary.  

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