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Here comes the rain again. Will it be a perfect storm? One way of the other it pays to be prepared. Here's our short list of who can help you get ready for whatever comes.




Will you stay or will you go now?

Consider that SUNY Purchase cancelled classes for Monday and Tuesday and released this announcement on Facebook encouraging students to "seriously consider relocating early this weekend".

If you are staying:

Reference these sites to keep up to date:

Westchester County's Preparedness Page  The basics!  Great check list for the nitty gritty of staying in place.

Weather keep up to date on weather warnings

Watershed Post Our friends will be hosting live feed from the field as the storm progresses. We'll be carring their feed on Green Guru Network's home page.

Once you've worked over Westchester County's thorough to do list consider rewarding yourself tonight with a relaxing meal out, a movie, or an early morning hike tomorrow. Taking care of yourself now will help you negotiate the next few days weather.
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