hour children food pantry
LIC_CSAOne of the many interesting parts of Community Supported Agriculture is what defines our "community." For some, distribution takes place at a local park, church or school. Others have CSA pick-ups at their workplace. Regardless of where your CSA is distributed, invariably there is food left over at the end of the shift and the question of what to do with it often depends on your community.

At Long Island City CSA, they leave their extra food at their distribution point, which just happens to be the Hour Children Food Pantry. Abigael Burke, a Core Group member of LIC-CSA, is also the Food Pantry Coordinator at Hour Children Food Pantry in LIC, Queens. She proudly notes that in 2011, the LIC-CSA donated more than 5,000 pounds of leftover CSA veggies to the Food Pantry. As a result, they feed hundreds in their community. Plus, thanks in part to the support of Just Food and the New York Coalition Against Hunger, the LIC-CSA is a mixed-income CSA that offers many shares to lower-income members of their community.

You can learn more about the Long Island City CSA here, or find our more about Hour Children's programs here.

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