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If your home sustained damage during Sandy or you are without power most likely at this moment you are more or less in shock and it's a good time to reach out for help. Here's a short list of places to find help:

No power? Need a shower? find an Emergency Shelter(including shelter for your pet)


Register with
 FEMA and start the process of getting funding to get your home repaired. FEMA covers some types of expenses that your insurance may not.

Temporary Housing:

Ask your insurance agent (check your policy) if you are covered for expenses incurred for lodging while your home is damaged.  You may be reimbursed for staying at a hotel. Some insurance companies are willing to pay for your stay at a bed and breakfast or temporary home rental (especially if you have a family that requires more than one hotel room.)

Check out
 Airbnb, VRBO, and Flip Key for listings of potential homes in the area that are set up for guests. Some hosts are offering deep discounts to folks who need shelter after Sandy. Even if a listing seems too expensive, send the owner a note asking for what you need!

 Airbnb created a page for folks offering free housing for people who lost their home in the wake of Sandy.


The temptation may be to get the repairs done as soon as possible and to hire any available contractor. While getting work done quickly may benecessary, being careful about choosing your contractor can prevent further heart ache, danger and wasting your insurance money on a job that would need to be redone.  Here's our
 short list of contractor refrence questions.

Oil Tank Leak? Pump out for free from the DEC.


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