energy saving

Committing to cut energy use at home or at work is a wonderful undertaking. Getting started and taking accurate measurements of your progress are the most important parts of your commitment. The best way to know how much you’ve cut is to take before and after "snapshots" of your energy use.


Accurately measuring your energy use and emissions output is called a “Greenhouse Gas [GHG] Inventory.” Individuals and private households can use the EPA’s Household Emissions Calculator to track energy use and GHGs. Another great and easy-to-use tool, for both individuals and businesses/organizations, is My Energy Plan.  Bigger companies or corporations might benefit from investigating the standards and recommendations from GreenHouse Gas Protocol.

When you’re ready to start making reductions, check out the NYSERDA website for more excellent tools and tips, including information on subsidies and funding for efficiency projects for homes and businesses.

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