Love Em' and Leave Em': Man on the Street Interview....

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man_on_streetOur roving reporter took it to the street to ask passersby what they thought of the Yonker's new initiative to mulch leaves in place as opposed to bagging them for transport.
Here's what they had to say:
Excuse me sir, have you heard of the city's new Love 'Em and Leave 'Em program for leaf mulching?
"No, but I like the name," said Samuel Horowitz. "It sounds like a broken-hearted love song. But what does that mean for the leaves that are left behind?"
This guy was too funny.  
Hi, I'm from the City of Yonkers Green Policy Task Force. What would you say if I told you the city can save a whopping $650,000 a year if residents stopped bagging their leaves for the DPW to pick up and instead pulverized them with their lawnmowers right back into the ground?
"I'd say halleluiah!" resident Dorothy Brown said standing outside of The Dolphin Restaurant. "I don't care how they do it, if it saves money, it saves money."
We say amen, Dorothy. 
Excuse me sir. Do you own a home in Yonkers?  
Do you use a landscaper?
"Yeah, you're looking at him. I work for my wife. Why? You selling something? "
While he had not heard of mulching leaves in place to feed your grass and garden beds, he seemed pretty enthusiastic about the idea. That was before we even got to the money part.  
"You mean I don't have to rake leaves anymore?" he marveled. "Where do I sign up? I hate leaves!"   
Poor leaves. Don't take it personally. It's just that you clog sewer drains, cause land erosion, cost a fortune in gas to haul to waste yards, cost man hours, contribute greatly to global warming, and require your own laws and code enforcement officers to regulate rogue leaf blowing landscapers.
The good news is, you are rich in carbon, phosphorus, and potassium - all essential nutrients needed by plants, including turf grasses. If you are mowed along with the grass, your small pieces will filter down among the grass blades to feed the greens.      
And that's why we love you!