NWEAC Executive Committee Minutes: March 8, 2012

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Date: March 8, 2012


Dan Welsh (Vice Chair)Mike Gordon (Dir. Programs) 

Heather Flournoy

Frank Maricic

Herb Oringel (Chair)

Katherine Daniels (Secy)

Vince Salvatore

Maria Fields

Leo Wiegman

Steve Wolk

Victoria Gearity

Mark Reisman (Treasurer)

Jeremy Doxsee

Brian Kaminer

Michele Rudolph

LULA: Five week program starting on April 23. Seats are still available. Supervisorsshould send Herb names and addresses of additional candidates.

Grants: Herb met with Larry Simpson of Blue Springs, a consulting firm, to see if thecan help us find and manage grant opportunities.

Solar: Our RFP yielded 11 responses. Full scope responses due March 23.Respondents will visit municipalities to assess opportunities. State legislature isexpected to act soon on legislation that will open up opportunities for solar in NY -- bothresidential and commercial.

MicroGrid: Will be called an NWEAC project. Maria is looking for a foundation sponsor. Mike suggested putting out an RFP for an engineering firm. Maria and Mike will draft afour pager on the project for the Exec Committee.Mike Gordon announced that he has secured $25,000 commitments from two investors(Miles Slader and Jim Diamond) and that he is personally willing to invest an additional$25,000 -- for a total of $75,000 -- to cover the cost of installing smart meters for a pilot project to demonstrate the efficacy of a local micro-grid and eventually a municipalutility. If possible, the investors would like to see a return on their investment of approximately 18%. Mike would like this to be an NWEAC project but is concerned
that his participation might create the appearance of a conflict of interest since he isNWEAC’s Director of Programs.

The committee discussed the potential conflict andhow it might be managed. One idea was to give NWEAC towns a mechanism for taking over Mike’s interest once he has recouped his investment. Another idea was to lookfor a private equity company to invest (or offer the opportunity for others to invest) so Mike does not have to. A third idea was to form a separate corporation to manage the project. Katherine will do some legal research on the potential conflict and report back at the next meeting. If possible, Mike wants to announce the pilot program at the March29th conference in Ossining.

CCA: Maria reported she is in the process of evaluating the impact of a CCA policy inour area. She is using Bedford for the basis of her work and will get an actual quotefrom the energy supplier on the cost of cleaner energy. The RFQ will go out tomorrow using Bedford’s KW hour assessment. Maria also reported that Dan Tishman (NDRC) is very interested in CCA. He has strong contacts within the Cuomo administration thatwill be helpful if we decide to push for legislation. Mike Gordon is writing a paper for Kate Burk on CCA and other energy issues – everything he would like to see in state energy policy.
Mid-Hudson Regional Sustainability Planning Process: NYSERDA has offered $1million to set up a process to integrate seven counties into one program. The directors will be at our March 29 conference. We will meet with them at 3:00 in the Ossining Village conference room.

March 29 Conference: Each person on the call was asked to send an invite to 15 people. Maria and Mike will send out an invite link.

Quarterly summary: Proposed as means to keep the Supervisors/Mayors informed of NWEAC activities. (To be scheduled)
Adjourned: 6:03 pm